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Header Photo:
   Danny Gordon for Hurtlife Skateboards shot by Jeffrey Moustache


For your next bu!ld in the wild

Make sure someone in the crew has good people skills. Assign this person as the point of contact for inquires from both the public and authorities.
- The last thing you need is a hothead telling officials where they can go. This will end poorly

Be sure to inject phrases such as 'volunteer group', 'community improvement' and 'for the kids'. Having a group name (feel free to use ours) will also help solidify your efforts.
- We are with the Urban Skate Project, it's a volunteer group dedicated to improving the community by offering the local kids a place to skate.

If anyone other than a cop asks if you are supposed to be here or if you have a permit...
- The answer is always YES!

If you need to drive material into a location, it's best to unload and then park elsewhere.
- Leave someone at the spot and unload the tools too.

Keep your vices out of view! If you are in a park that has lots of foot traffic, it might be best to send crew members off to a secluded place to enjoy themselves.
- Removing the orange shirt is a plus!

DON'T PANIC! Just because you spotted some form of authority doesn't mean it's time to run.
- Keep your head down and keep working like you are supposed to be there.

When the going gets tough.. Remember your 'Yes Sir', 'No Sir', 'Thank you Sir'. Even when the ax has been dropped, no one should lose there cool.
- You might be surprised just how far this gets you.


Field-Tested in California and Arizona.


- Urban Skate Project
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